Opt-In Policy

By Daddy (01-July-2017)

There can be little doubt at this point that we've entered a more conservative era in the United Stated as much as we like it or not. One of the problems is that the conservatives tend to consider anything that is the least bit sexual as evil. As a country we're several decades behind most of the world.

Personally I believe that if we can discuss a woman's "36-DD", we should be able to discuss a man's "9X5." However, it really does boil down to what an individual's comfort level is.

The new database separates out the "Adult" information and defaults to being a "Opt-In" system. For that information, an escort will need to request that the information be displayed. The following individual fields are protected and the escort can change any or all:

  • Penis
    • Length: <5in, 5-6in, 6-7in, 7-8in, 8-9in, 9-10in, 10-11in, 11-12in, >12in, FTM
    • Circumcision: Cut, Uncut, Partial, None
    • Circumference: Thin <3.4in, Average 3.5-4.3in, Thick 4.5-5.7in, Huge >5.9in
  • Kiss (No, Dry, Yes, French, n/a)
  • Frot (No, Gets, Gives, Both, n/a)
  • Oral (No, Gets, Both, Gives, n/a)
  • Anal (No, Bottom, Versatile, Top, n/a)
  • Kink (No, Submissive, Dominate, Switch, n/a)

Eventually an escort will be able to login and modify his preferences. Just be warned that they will only affect new reviews. Reviews already posted will be updated as Daddy has time to get to them. until that's ready, escorts should contact daddy at [email protected]