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July 8th, 2020

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Have You Registered to Vote?

By Daddy

Las Vegas — We're less than two months from what will probably the most important presidential election of our lives. But you can't participate if you're not registered before hand. Check Vote.org to see what your registration deadline is and mark it on your calendar. In a lot of jurisdictions you can do it online.

Don't give my any gruff about your vote doesn't count. At the very least it sends a message. According to a survey back in November, twenty-one percent of LGBTQ are not registered. With a conservative estimate of 14 million LGBTQ in the United States that's over three million unregistered.

If you don't like the actions of the person currently in the oval office, it's time to vote him out of office. Several months ago I said I wouldn't vote for anybody that was in their seventies or eighties. At that time that still left three or so candidates to look at. But in light of >3 million COVID-19 cases and >130 thousand deaths, its time to change my message.

In the immortal words of Vicky Lawrence in the famous Elephant Story skit on the Carol Burnett show: "Are you sure that little assholes through?" Come November, I sure do hope so.

The Flirt4free commission is going to be much lower that usual, so it's one of those months to watch every penny.

To all those that have donated, Thank you! Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page which has been updated with the new address.

Huffington Logo Anderson Cooper Blasts Trump’s ‘Inflammatory, Racist’ Diversions From COVID-19

Anderson Cooper Blasts Trump’s ‘Inflammatory, Racist’ Diversions From COVID-19

By Josephine Harvey

Hollywood — Anderson Cooper did not mince words Monday as he rattled off Donald Trump’s most recent racist outbursts and called out the president’s inflammatory rhetoric as an attempt to divert attention from the resurgence of coronavirus around the country. (More)

Edge Logo

TikTok to Leave Hong Kong as Security Law Raises Questions

By Zen Soo (AP)

Hong Kong — TikTok said Tuesday it will stop operations in Hong Kong, joining other social media companies in warily eyeing ramifications of a sweeping national security law that took effect last week. (More)

Logo Logo “Canada’s Drag Race” Judges Spill All the Maple Tea on the New Season

“Canada’s Drag Race” Judges Spill All the Maple Tea on the New Season

By Christopher Rudolph

Unknown — It was also announced that fellow Canadians Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Stacey McKenzie would be joining Brooke on the judges’ panel. The three squirrel friends recently spoke with NewNowNext about their time on set, what the hardest part about judging the queens was, and which Canadian celebs they hope will appear on the next season. (More)

Out.com Logo

9 Queer and Trans Couples Smooching to Celebrate World Kiss Day

By Mikelle Street

Cyberspace — There's a holiday for ust about everything. There's International Pup Day, International Fetish Day and also International Kissing Day. According to Wikipedia, this latter non-official holiday is also known as World Kiss Day and has been celebrated since the early 2000s. (More)

Pride.com Logo The 10 Different Kinds of Gay Kissers

The 10 Different Kinds of Gay Kissers

By Ana Valens

Cyberspace — There really isn't anything much better than kissing (well, what comes after sometimes). Everyone has a different style, but some lean more closely to tropes than others. So why not take a look and see what kind of kisser you are? (More)

Advocate Logo

Germany to Compensate Gay Troops for Decades of Discrimination

By Trudy Ring

.GERMANY — “The ministry said it intends to present a draft bill in September to address the injustices done to those soldiers who had been subjected to punitive measures by military disciplinary courts,” Deutsche Welle reports. (More)

HIVPlus Logo Gay Porn Gets Creative Under COVID

Gay Porn Gets Creative Under COVID

By Kirk Hartlage

Cyberspace — If there’s any one business where social distancing just doesn’t work, it’s porn. All the “stand here” queue line floor stickers in the world, placed six feet apart, can’t be adhered to long in an industry where human contact is practically a job necessity for most of its workers. (More)

Pink News Logo

First Person Ever ‘Cured’ of HIV Using Medication Alone

By Josh Milton

.ITALY — In a major leap forward in the search for a HIV/AIDS cure, a person has been “cured” of HIV using a cocktail of medicines in what activists have dubbed a breakthrough as “exciting” as it was “unexpected”. (More)

Queerty Logo Nyle DiMarco a Steamy Trip Down Memory Lane

Nyle DiMarco a Steamy Trip Down Memory Lane

By David Grant

Cyberspace — Though his fitness (and thirst trap) game has remained strong under quarantine, DiMarco isn’t immune to feeling a bit of bittersweet nostalgia about last summer’s travel opportunities… and limited wardrobe. He shared his trip down memory lane on Instagram, succinctly summing up his feelings with: “i miss summer [in europe]”. (More)