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June 30th, 2020

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Coverboy Shopping Day!

Shopping Day!


Daddy Logo

Shopping Day!

By Daddy

Las Vegas — The temperature is 86° which for Las Vegas is low enough to go shopping. The plan today is once the sun goes down to go replace one or two pairs of pants that I'm fully convinced the washer had for dinner a couple weeks ago. Being a day sleeper I only wash clothes in the late afternoon and it's getting that time once again.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued a mandatory face covering policy for all Nevadans and visitors effective last Thursday. People are tending to comply with the order and maintaining the six foot spacing. Phase 2 of the reopening plans has been extended through the end of July because of a spike in Covid19. Bottom line is unless your a hard core gambler, Las Vegas won't be that fun a place to visit for a while.

Several unexpected bills are coming due at the same time in early July so I'm going to have to watch the pennies closely. Some good news is that I've gotten three different bills for the car insurance and each one has been lower than the previous one. The other surprise bill is for the email service I use. They are in Norway, and their claim to fame is the Norwegian privacy laws. They've done well for us.

To all those that have donated, Thank you! Any help is appreciated. Here's a link to the How to Donate Page which has been updated with the new address.

Out.com Logo Snowboarder Tanner Pendleton Comes Out as Gay, Makes History

Snowboarder Tanner Pendleton Comes Out as Gay, Makes History

By Donald Padgett

Cyberspace — Snowboarder and filmmaker Tanner Pendleton revealed in an interview with Torment that he is Gay. Known for his raw and aggressive style of films featuring fellow snowboarders, Pendleton is believed to be the first male in the snowboarding industry to come out. (More)

Edge Logo

Trump's Attacks Seen Undercutting Confidence in 2020 Vote

By Jill Colvin (AP)

Washington — It was a startling declaration about one of the pillars of American democracy, all the more so given its source. The president of the United States last week publicly predicted without evidence that the 2020 presidential election would be "the most corrupt election in the history of our country." (More)

TowleRoad Logo Ben Platt on a ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Movie

Ben Platt on a ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Movie

By Staff

Cyberspace — Actor/singer Ben Platt spoke to Jimmy Fallon about a possible film adaptation of the Broadway role that made him famous: Dear Evan Hansen. Said Platt: “We’re kind of in this weird COVID limbo where kind of anything can happen. It’s something we’ve definitely been trying to get together and make happen … It’s kind of a toss-up at this point based on, can we do it safely, and can we get it together in time. Some of us are getting a little long in the tooth so it’s a now or never kind of thing. I’m hoping that we can find safe way to do it and as of now it could go either way. It think it could be a beautiful thing so we’ll see.” (More)

Gaily Grind Logo

Burger King Mexico Changes Its Name to ‘Burger Queer’ in Support of LGBT Pride Month

By Adrian Garcia

.MEXICO — Burger King Mexico has changed its name to ‘Burger Queer’ on its social media accounts and adopted new, rainbow-patterned branding in support of Pride Month. The social media pages for the Mexican division of the fast-food burger chain changed their logos on Friday, June 26, in a show of solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. (More)

Logo Logo Meet the Logo30: Dr. Eric Cervini

Meet the Logo30: Dr. Eric Cervini

By Christopher Rudolph

Cyberspace — Dr. Eric Cervini made history earlier this month when his nonfiction book, The Deviant’s War, debuted at no. 14 on The New York Times Best Sellers List. It was the first time an LGBTQ history book had made the chart in 27 years. (More)


Hot House All-Sex, All-Male Title 'Making Moves' Now on DVD

By JC Adams

San Francisco — All-male, all-sex title "Making Moves" from Hot House Video and the directing team of Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark is now in wholesale release, following a shipping delay in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Studio exclusive Arad Winwin, featured on the cover, toplines with fellow exclusive Devin Franco, while Johnny Ford, Greyson Lane, Matt Lockwood, Quin Quire, Angel Rivera and Nic Sahara fill out the cast. (More)

Advocate Logo Nico Tortorella Helps Raise Funds for Equality on Stonewall Day

Nico Tortorella Helps Raise Funds for Equality on Stonewall Day

By Desiree Guerrero

Cyberspace — June 6, was the third annual Stonewall Day, a global campaign created by Pride Live to help “elevate awareness and support for the Stonewall legacy and the continuing struggle for full LGBTQ+ equality.” The virtual event included a special message to the LGBTQ+ community from President Barack Obama as well as dozens of celebrity appearances, including by Hayley Kiyoko, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Kesha, and Ellen DeGeneres. (More)

Pink News Logo

Gay Westlife Singer Mark Feehily Says Therapy Helped Him Deal With His ‘Internalised Homophobia’

By Patrick Kelleher

.IRELAND — The singer came out as gay in 2005 when the Irish boyband was at the height of their success. Reflecting on that time, Feehily told Jennifer Zamparelli on RTÉ 2FM that coming out was “very scary” – and said he had to embark on a long and difficult journey to rid himself of internalised homophobia. (More)

Pride.com Logo Chris Evans Asked Paul Rudd How Big He Is Down There

Chris Evans Asked Paul Rudd How Big He Is Down There

By Raffy Ermac

Cyberspace — Have you ever wondered how big Ant-Man actor Paul Rudd is down there? Welp, you wouldn't be the only one. Apparently, his Avengers: Endgame comrade and Captain America star Chris Evans is also curious about his size...(aren't we all?!?) (More)