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Marcus Isaacs

New York City - 3rd Review


Keith Hardy

Philadelphia - New Phone



Las Vegas - 2nd Review


Aaron Pierce

Fort Myers - 2nd Review


Ivan Mclain

Chicago - 6th Review


March 1st, 2016

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Coverboy Marcus Isaacs - New York City

Marcus Isaacs - New York City


Rocky Sanabria Out.com

Meet the Trans Teenager Who Helped Bring LGBT Curriculum to NYC Schools

By Michael Lambert

New York City, NY — In January, Rocco 'Rocky' Sanabria, 17, sat at a table in the large, nearly empty council chambers. Across the floor was a collection of administrators and city council members, gathered to hear his testimony for gender-neutral bathrooms in New York schools. (More)

GOP Badly Split As Trump, Clinton Seek Super Tuesday Wins

By Associated Press

Valdosta, GA — On the eve of Super Tuesday's crucial primaries, a sharp new divide erupted between Republicans who pledge to fall in line behind Donald Trump if he wins their party's nomination and others who insist they can never back the bombastic billionaire. (More)

Eddie Redmayne - LA LGBT Center PSA TowelRoad.com

Eddie Redmayne Visits, Records PSA for LA LGBT Center

By Sean Mandell

Los Angeles, CA — While Eddie Redmayne was in Los Angeles for the 88th annual Academy Awards, the actor nominated for playing trans pioneer Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl took some time out of his schedule to visit and record a PSA for LA's LGBT Center. (More)

Gay Fitness Model Shows Off Butt in NSFW 'Formation' Parody

By Staff

Cyberspace — Out fitness model Bryan Hawn has been making parodies of big pop songs for some time now, but his take on Beyonce's "Formation" has the Internet in a buzz. (More)

Huey Rey Fischer queerty.com

Can This 23-Year-Old Queer Democrat Win A Texas Election By Harnessing Grindr?

By Dan Tracer

Austin, TX — Huey Rey Fischer may only be 23 years old, but he has every intention of becoming the next state representative in Texas' District 49, which includes the University of Texas at Austin. (More)

Gay Star News

Canada PM Justin Trudeau To Pardon Man Jailed For Being Gay In The 60s

By Darren Wee

Canada — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intends to posthumously pardon a man who was jailed simply for being Gay in the 1960s. George Klippert was the last man in Canada to be convicted of homosexuality before it was legalized in 1969. (More)

Cavender Salvadori 365 Gay

Gay College Runner Finds Acceptance

By Raffy Ermac

Williamsburg, VA — Despite being inadvertently outed, one gay college athlete in Virginia is finding solace in the fact that his track and field teammates are accepting of his sexuality. (More)