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Kyle Foxxx

Dallas - 4th Review


Griffin Donavon

Boston - 20th Review

New Review w/Photo

Jack Giles

Vancouver - 1st Review & Response


Iron Maus

Los Angeles - 7th Review


Beau Chambliss

Washington D.C. - 25th Review


February 29th, 2016

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Coverboy Kyle Foxxx - Dallas

Kyle Foxxx - Dallas


Anthony Perkins - Psycho Out.com

Gay Performances the Oscars Forgot

By Armond White

Cyberspace — We need The Brandos to bring the love of movies into line with social consciousness. (More)

?ith Every Pelvic Thrust, These Toga-Clad Mount Olympus Hunks Reveal A Surprise

By ?Staff

Broadway? — Feast your eyes on these 7 toga-clad hunks who will take you on an exhilarating journey through Greek mythology, one NSFW pelvic thrust at a time! (More)

Lady Gaga — Elton John — Live On Sunset Beach TowelRoad.com

Perform at Free Surprise Concert on L.A.'s Sunset Strip

By Andy Towle

Los Angelos, CA — Elton John wanted to thank the city and community for allowing him to host his Academy Awards party there every year, so he returned to the spot where he said he spent so much money over the years he could have 'probably bought Los Angeles:' the parking lot of Tower Records on the Sunset Strip. (More)

Pony In Unicorn Costume Captured After 3-Hour Hunt

By Associated Press

Madera, CA — The calls coming into a California Highway Patrol office were alarming: A tiny unicorn was running down a road. (More)

Binho Dutra — Brazilian Mechanic queerty.com

?This Brazilian Mechanic Will Make You Want To Check Your Dipstick

By Staff?

?Cyberspace — ? The road is long. You've been driving all night when suddenly you hear a loud pop — it's the wrong time for a flat tire. (More)

Gay Star News

Openly Gay Character Coming Soon To Star Wars Universe?

By Sylvia Tan

Hollywood — Fans might soon see an openly Gay character or two in the Star Wars franchise, and Star Wars director JJ Abrams would love for it happen. (More)

'Addiction' Canceled — Unfit For Viewing 365 Gay

Chinese TV Viewers Outraged By Sudden Cancellation of Popular Gay Drama

By Raffy Ermac

China — Addiction, a 15-part web series that portrays the lives of queer high schoolers, was removed from iQiyi — China's version of Netflix — on Monday after censors decided the show was "unfit for viewing." (More)