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Blue Collar Joe

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February 17th, 2016

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Coverboy Blue Collar Joe - Hollywood

Blue Collar Joe - Hollywood


Matthew Stradlings Painting - Bowed Out.com

Painter Matthew Stradling on Liberating the Gay Gaze in Art

By Jesse Steinbach

Cyberspace — Images of the male body have permeated our artistic history for thousands and thousands of years, from ancient times to today's filtered Instagrams. (More)

Gay Porn Actor Transmitted HIV After Negative Test Results

By Staff

Atlanta, GA — Officials from Center for Disease Control said that a gay porn actor likely transmitted HIV to at least two men even though testing results for the performer said he did not have the disease, Towleroad reports. (More)

Michael Hoffman - Discovers His G-Spot

Bodybuilder Michael Hoffman Discovers His G-Spot In Latest X-Rated Video

By Adrian Garcia

Cyberspace — Bodybuilder Michael Hoffman has returned to the amateur Gay porn spotlight with several new videos to kick off the new year, one of which features the Texas hunk pushing new boundaries as he while jerking off. (More)


Rachel Maddow: GOP Blocking an Obama SCOTUS Nominee Would Be a Constitutional Crisis

By Sean Mandell

Hollywood — Rachel Maddow on Monday night delved into the chaos that has emerged following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. (More)

Joe Manganiello - PeeWee Bromance queerty.com

Joe Manganiello Teaches Pee-wee Herman How To Live It Up In New 'Bromance'

By Staff

Hollywood — The wait is nearly over! Thirty-one years after Pee-wee's Big Adventure, the playfully eccentric man-boy who taught a generation of Reagan-era kids that it's OK to be different is back with a new movie. (More)

Gay Star News

Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan to play bickering married couple in new comedy

By Darren Wee

Hollywood — Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan are to play bickering married couple in new comedy An Ideal Home. (More)

Bobby Cannavale - Will and Grace 365 Gay

'Will & Grace' — Where Are They Now?

By Staff

Hollywood — The Will & Grace cast will reunite Sunday for a TV tribute to their show's sole director, James Burrows. Over its eight seasons (1998-2006), the witty sitcom about the bond between Gay men and straight women pulled in high ratings, 83 Emmy nominations, and 16 wins. (More)