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Pierre CorVair

New York City - New Verification



New York City - 20th Review


Mike Gaite

San Jose - 26th Review


Hudson Hawke

Orlando - 4th Review


Matheus Zed

New York City - 4th Review


Griffin Donovan

Boston - 19rth Review


February 15th, 2016

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Coverboy Pierre CorVair - New York City

Pierre CorVair - New York City


Flora Botanica Out.com

A Kiss

By Flora Botanica

Cyberspace — Dazzling spring looks, Photography by Mariano Vivanco. Styling by Grant Woolhead. (More)

Gay Imam Helps Young Muslims Balance Religion, Sexuality

By Nadine Achoui-Lessage & Greg Keller (AP)

Marseille, France — Growing up in Algeria, Shaira had almost everything a young man could wish for. But he also had a big secret. In a land where homosexuality is still a crime and a sin, he was forced to live a secret life, hiding that he was Gay from everyone — even his closest family. (More)

Peter Tatchell Gay Star News

Peter Tatchell speaks out against National Union of Students snub

By Ashlee Kelly

Cantebury, England — NUS LGBT officer Fran Cowling has refused to attend a talk with the veteran human rights campaigner, accusing him of racism and transphobia (More)

Obama To Nominate Scalia Successor 'In Due Time'

By Kathleen Hennessey and Donna Cassata (AP)

Washington, DC — President Barack Obama declared Saturday night he would seek to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, charging into a heated and likely prolonged election-year fight with Republicans. Obama said a nomination was "bigger than any one party." (More)

Vintage Gay Couples queerty.com

27 Vintage Gay Couples Swooning For Their Valentines

By Staff

Cyberspace — Marriage equality wasn't even a pipe dream, homosexuality was a punishable crime and Grindr was something a wheat farmer probably used, and still these same-sex couples managed to find moments of affection and love. (More)


Ft. Lauderdale's Top Gay Guesthouses

By Ed Salvato

Fort Lauderdale — It's been a weird winter in the Northeast with a blizzard followed by oddly warm and muggy weather. What's a frisky Gay fellow frustrated with the weather to do? (More)

Matteo Renzi - Stay Out Of Civil Unions Debate.jpg Out.com

Italy's Prime Minister to Catholic Church: Stay Out of Civil Unions Debate

By Trudy Ring

Italy — As Italy's Parliament considers establishing civil unions for same-sex couples, the nation's prime minister has called for the Roman Catholic Church to stay out of the debate. (More)