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New York City - 1st Review


Adam Force

London - 3rd Review


Iron Maus

Los Angeles - 3rd review



Washington D.C. - 107th Review


Hudson Hawke

Orlando - 3rd Review


Rod Hagen

Hollywood - 110th Review


Allen Silver

San Francisco - 14th Review


February 8th, 2016

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Coverboy Levine - New York City

Levine - New York City


Burberry & Vetements Out.com

Luxury Brands Break Away From Binary Runway Shows

By Andre Wheeler

Cyberspace — In fashion, rules are meant to be broken, and that is exactly what Burberry and VÍtements are doing. The two brands recently announced they will be adopting an immediate see-now, buy-now model for their new collections. (More)

Friendship Between A Tiger And A Goat Is Being Decried As 'Gay Propaganda'

By Staff

Russia — As you read this, a roving band of Russian prosecutors have banded together to decide whether or not the media's fascination with an unlikely but nevertheless very real friendship between a male tiger and goat in could be — should be — considered "Gay propaganda." (More)

Ben Whishaw - London Spy

'London Spy' is a Slow-Burning, But Thrilling Gay Drama

By Jason St. Amand

Hollywood — "London Spy" is a bit of a red herring. Those expecting a cryptic espionage drama akin to a James Bond caper may want to wait for the upcoming season of "The Americans" or tune into the 2015 sleeper hit "Deutschland 83." (More)


Lady Gaga Scores a Touchdown with National Anthem Performance at Super Bowl 50

By Sean Mandell

Santa Clara, CA — Lady Gaga sang the national anthem at Super Bowl 50 on Sunday in a performance that was roundly praised on social media and in the stadium in Santa Clara, California. (More)

Deadpool Finds Wayne Rooney Hard To Resist Gay Star News

Deadpool finds footballer Wayne Rooney hard to resist

By Greg Hernandez

Hollywood — Looks like Ryan Reynolds? Deadpool character has got it bad for Wayne Rooney. A new clip from the upcoming Marvel film has the pansexual anti-hero on the field playing with Manchester United football club. (More)


Six Ads That Make Super Bowl Fifty The Gayest Ever

By Mike Wilke

Cyberspace — Athletes in tight pants, Lady Gaga and Beyonce won?t be the only reasons to watch Super Bowl 50. A record six LGBTQ-inclusive commercials will vie for your attention. (More)

Andy Warhol discovery 365 Gay

This Andy Warhol Piece Was a Big Find on Craigslist

By Staff

Cyberspace — Andy Warhol lovers won?t believe this story. Page Six reports that a woman paid $200 for a couch and a box of random things on Craigslist and, when she got home, then discovered a lost painting from the lauded out artist. (More)