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January 1st, 2016

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2015 Escort of the Year!

By Daddy 1/1/2016

Las Vegas, NV — It's very cold here in Las Vegas again. This year we were able to see the fireworks at two different casinos. They sycronize the fireworks at multiple casinos and this was the first time that I was able to see them from the same location

The fireworks are finished, the 150 votes and 40 newbies are all tabulated and here are the results:

Daddy is on Vacation for the next two or three weeks.

Special Mention

As always to Hooboy who at the start of the century started it all. He was very special to many of us and we still remember him being the first of a kind.

Cooper, & Deej, How would the Message Center survive without you?

Top of the List Top of the List

Is there no better distinction that being "Number One?" Every person on this list is the very best in at least one person's book. If you land on this list, know that you've made it to the top.

The Newbie Votes

Every year we get a handful of what I call "Newbie" voters, that is people who's first post is for the "Escort of the Year" thread, or are an email vote from a unknown user. A lot of these votes are flawed (i.e. They only vote for one person or they don't give us the important "Why")

We embrace the "Newbies", we welcome them into the fold, and we encourage them to become a member of the community because they serve a useful purpose; they give us a view from outside. Here's how the "Newbies" voted:

The Escort of the Year Alumni Previous Escorts of the Year

Each year our previous Escorts of the year get to chime in with their recommendations. The question that I asked them is slight different from what I asked in the Message Forum:

"If you would, look around and give me a list of up to three Escorts that did the best job of presenting themselves to the community and why. Second, Who was the best "New Comer" this year?"

Here's a list of the people that got their attention:

Newcomer of the Year

ACoupeur - Las Vegas ACoupeur of Las Vegas — Of all the cute men in Las Vegas, this is one that tempts me to call him up and ask: "Would you like to do lunch?" But that's not my style. His smile is so infectious.

"Coupeur is very sociable in a friendly, unpretentious way. Gentle and polite, he gives off an aura of innocence, although I think he knows his way around just fine. He is cuddly and affectionate."

2nd Runner Up

Dane Scott of Palm Springs, CA — Once again we welcome Dane to the top three. I look forward to when I get to finally meet this amazing man.

"I was inspired that he chose to use his real age in his ad with no apologies, that he was sexy as hell, and charming in correspondence. When I finally got to meet him that crush solidified. He's handsome and cute at the same time, super sexy, and a really nice guy."

1st Runner Up

Alec Andrews of Los Angeles, CA — Alec is literally a head turner; When we went to lunch, he was being cruised right and left. The really amazing thing about it, is that he seems not to notice. A very refreshing person to spend time with.

" His clients rave about him, he has an impeccable Presence, warm, intelligent and positive and clearly is taking escorting as a serious profession."

Escort Of The Year 2015

Regards, Daddy.